What Can Therapy Offer Me?

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change.“ – Carl Rogers

When we are are able to accept and offer compassion towards the parts of ourselves we feel most negatively towards, real change becomes possible. If you never had unconditional care modeled for you in childhood or adulthood, experiencing it in therapy can help you internalize kindness towards yourself in a way that enables big changes.

Before starting therapy it is tempting (and common) to hope or believe that it will solve your problems and banish bad feelings forever. In truth, life will always have ups and downs, and ebbs and flows of good times and bad. 

What going to therapy CAN do is change how you respond to the tough situations in life that will inevitably arise, and bolster your toolbox of choices and options for HOW you want to respond. 

Developing a deeper understanding of yourself in the context of your past, your present, and the visible/invisible social forces at play in your world can open up new opportunities for acceptance, compassion, and ultimately, personal growth. 


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